Non Members – $5 per zip tie ( 5 order minimum) plus S/H $4.50

# of Zip ties – Non Members

What’s an AP Zip tie with an AP Zip #?

A Zip # is part of the authentication process. To bring a live report to an item. By searching the Zip# you will view the report assigned to that specific item stating whether it is authentic or not.


Is paying for the zip tie is also paying for the authentication?

No. Ziptie cost is separate from authentication cost.

 Is the Zip # a certification or proof of authenticity? 

No. Each item has a unique zip number attached. That zip # is connected to a report. You can view the report by searching for that specific zip number.  The Zip# is meaningless unless it gets activated with our system.

What is the difference between a Zip# and a seal #?

Seal # is awarded only to authentic items. Zip# is a protocol to search items that have been used in our system.


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